As described when I announced my journeyman tour I'm dedicating June, September, and October to it (since expanded into November). Each week, I set aside about four days for each "tour stop", usually Monday through Thursday. Below is the current schedule and I'll update it with links to relevant blog posts as the tour progresses.

I undertook this tour in 2015. While the tour is technically at an end, I still got a few tour stops to write about. Meanwhile, I've joined Agical through which you can hire me as a consultant.

When Where
June 3-4 Agila Sverige 2015 (conference, speaking), Stockholm
Shame by example
June 9 Kundo, Stockholm
Journeyman: Kundo
June 10 Stockholm Elixir (meetup, speaking), Stockholm
June 11-12 Erlang User Conference (attending), Stockholm
June 15-18 Agical / Youple, Stockholm
Journeyman: Agical
June 23-26 Elabs, Gothenburg
Journeyman: Elabs
June 29 - July 2 Transmode, Stockholm
Journeyman: Transmode
July 4-5 True North reunion (unconference, attending), Stockholm
Sep 7-10 Twingly, Linköping
Journeyman: Twingly
Sep 15-18 Auctionet / Barsoom, Stockholm
Journeyman: Auctionet
Weapons of mass satisfaction
Sep 21-22 Evothings, (part 1) Stockholm
Journeyman: Evothings
Oct 2 - Oct 3 ElixirConf (conference, speaking), Austin, TX
Virtually Instructional (blog post)
Virtually Instructional (video)
Elixir Fountain 2015-10-09 Live From ElixirConf! (podcast)
Functional Geekery Episode 30 – ElixirConf 2015 (podcast)
Oct 4 - Oct 8 Avdi Grimm / Ruby Tapas, Knoxville, TN
Journeyman: Ruby Tapas
A visit from a journeyman (Avdi Grimm's newsletter)
Oct 16 UX open (conference, attending), Stockholm
Oct 19-22 Avanza, Stockholm
Journeyman: Avanza
Oct 26-27 MittMedia, Sundsvall
Journeyman: MittMedia
Lennart’s journeyman tour: MittMedia DMU (MittMedia's blog post in Swedish)
Oct 28-29 Evothings, (part 2) Stockholm
Journeyman: Evothings
Oct 29 Stockholm Elixir (meetup, speaking), Stockholm
Virtually Instructional
Nov 2-5 thoughbot, Stockholm
Journeyman: thoughbot
Nov 3 Elixir Fountain
Elixir Fountain 2015-11-06 Lennart Fridén (podcast)
Nov 6 Väg 74
Vrid upp samarbetet till 11 med Mobprogrammering (podcast)
Nov 9-11 Sqore, Stockholm
Journeyman: Sqore
Nov 12-13 Nepa, Stockholm
Nov 16-20 Klarna, Stockholm
Nov 23-27 Cultivate, Edinburgh
Dec 10 Magine TV (internal conference, speaking), Stockholm
The second family
Jun 1-2, 2016 Agila Sverige 2016 (conference, speaking), Stockholm
Lennart på luffen (video)