This is an ongoing series of essays on thoughts, ideas, and convictions I have. While I'm certainly not above reconsidering them, and more than likely will over time, the common denominator is that at the time of writing, these are beliefs that I'd gladly advocate. Thus the name of the series reflects that these are strong opinions but also that they aren't completely set in stone. One can see this as a step on the way to the more commonly known adage strong opinions, lightly held, which is attributed to Paul Saffo.

In addition, the essay titles takes inspiration from John Keats's 1819 odes. To a lesser extent, and with some pretentious squinting, the essays are akin to Keats's poems in the sense that they are intended to be a better vessel for conveying my thoughts than my tweets.

To quote the poet: I do not pretend to have succeeded. It will explain itself.