Thank you, year 2015

Thank you, year 2015

Thank you for all the great memories you’ve given me. Thanks for new friends (mostly one; Miriam), new insights, new ideas and challenges.

I am so thankful for the great conferences I’ve had the pleasure of attending: ElixirConf in Krakow, Poland, Agila Sverige, UXOpen and Mejsla's language unconference, where I finally got to try Ada. I am also thankful that I got the chance to attend the True North reunion conference at the wonderful Japanese spa Yasuragi. There is something particularly interesting about talking work related things in cotton robes or in a hot pool.

I am also thankful for the chance I’ve gotten to change my life for the better. Thanks to my depression I have learned new things about myself and I have started to realise what is important to me. I can see things in a more positive way than before. I am starting to learn where my limits are and what I want to spend my energy doing. Thanks to my 30-day challenges I am slowly becoming a better version of me, one month at a time.

Thanks also for the chance to realise just how much Nemah means to me. Without her left dorsal displacement with nephro-splenic entrapment I would never have known. Thanks to the moose that showed me just how much Nemah is the right horse for me and how much we trust each other. Thanks to my trainers for the possibility to learn more about horses and riding. Thanks to the allergy drugs me and Lennart can go riding again. They also made our trip to Ireland possible. Thanks all the other lovely horses I’ve gotten to ride, Hille, Superstar, and Fionn, to name a few.

As 2015 now has ended I can look back and remember all the good times and the challenges it brought me. I hope 2016 will be equally rewarding.