Happy horsey days

Happy horsey days
Appointment with the physiotherapist

This week Nemah had an appointment with her physiotherapist, Helene, for a general checkup. In the past these visits has been a about Nemahs undeveloped back muscles and the stiffness in her hocks. My guess was that this visit would be no different, even though I've noticed a more rounded back than before. To my surprise Helene had to try really hard to find anything to treat. Nemah has finally developed soft and strong back muscles. Her hind legs was just a bit stiff around the hocks which is better than they have ever been before. Not only did Nemah's body feel great, she had also changed her attitude, to a happy and positive horse. Helene was really pleased with Nemah and the work I've put into building a strong and healthy horse over a long time. What great news!

Show jumping lesson

To celebrate Nemah's well being we attended a show jumping lesson. The lesson focused on bounces and riding towards the fences in trot. A great workout for both horse and rider. At the end we jumped a course with a lot of canter and bounces on circles. Nemah felt great, even though her brakes seemed to be broken. She felt strong and she seemed to never want to stop jumping. She even saved me when I made mistakes in the middle of the bounce series. The grand finale was a jump over a small help fence, followed by a fence that was 1 metre high. This is the highest me and Nemah has ever jumped. It is actually the highest Nemah has ever jumped. She wont jump more than 90 centimeters on her own, so trusting me enough to take the 1 metre jump made me so proud of her and the companionship we have developed the last couple of months. She seems to finally trust me, and I trust her completely.

I love you, OmNomNemah.