Announcing my journeymanship

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I have always been inspired by how Corey Haines set out on a journeyman tour; travelling from company to company, working with a multitude of different people on a multitude of different code bases. I remember four years ago, when my friend Bence Vajda took a week off to visit Elabs just to pair program a little and learn a lot. I recall promising myself that when the time came for me to leave Mag+, I would go on my own little tour.

Well, that time has come so it is high time to make the necessary preparations.

First of all, I need to describe what I mean by the concept. The overarching idea would be to visit interesting teams and work with them for a short period of time. Just enough for me to inject some value in the form of an outside perspective and the know-how I bring. In return I would get a chance to work with new people, projects, and technologies. Bi-directional knowledge transfer would be the only coin that would change hands. If travel outside of Stockholm is involved, some accomodations would have to be made, but I'm certainly open to the idea at the very least. Obviously I'll be very transparent about what I'm doing and where I'm at throughout the journeyman tour, while at the same time strictly keeping any confidences exchanged.

Secondly, I need to set a few parameters for this journeyman tour of mine.

How long would I stay somewhere before moving on? In general, two or three days seems reasonable, but I can certainly be flexible on that. I greatly enjoyed facilitating a half-day mob programming session at Kundo and can easily see myself doing the same for others.

What about overall timeframe? Ideally I would line up a few tour stops in June before taking a long, well-deserved break over the summer. I will however dedicated all of September and most of October to this project.

I also need to provide a means for interested parties to contact me. Mailing me or reaching out to me on Twitter should be a good start.

Lastly, I need to announce my plans to the world. Since you are reading this, I consider that task, and the previous ones, all done.

On a path

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